Posted by Fatkhur Rohman on Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do you dare to challenge Google? A computer science professor from Italy, Massimo Marchiori, dared to challenge Google by creating a site called Volunia.

Massimo Marchiori claims, Volunia allows users to view the components of a particular website to search for topics of interest more quickly and to interact with other registered users can view the same web page

Marchiori also said that he believes the functions available on Volunia will soon become a standard function on all major search engines including Google and Yahoo!. Alogritma made ​​recently named HyperSearch claimed will be the basics of search engine in the future.

Larry Page, Google co-founder Marchiori will make findings as the basis for the new algorithm in its search engine. Volunia itself will be launched to the user selected on Monday and will be rolled out more widely and in 12 languages ​​including Arabic, English, Japanese and Russian.

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