3GHz Corsair Dominator DDR3 Memory Announces Platinum

Posted by Fatkhur Rohman on Thursday, May 31, 2012

Corsair, a memory device manufacturer or commonly known as RAM announced a new product made, ie 3GHz Dominator DDR3 Platinum.
This flagship product featuring fiur printed circuit board (PCB) new, cooler layer of internal and external thermal copper pads. With the thermal copper, the device can hold the aluminum fins with DHX (heat exchange with two lanes). With the speed of 3GHz, Corsair should optimize the removal of heat generated. Reportedly, there are dual channel and quad channel kit that will be embedded in these devices. Platinum Dominator DDR3 memory 3GHz, is a device that will be sought after by overclockers. With a dual or quad channel, here lies the reason why the fans would be interested in purchasing the overclocking of this memory. 3GHz Memory is a stepping stone for companies to prepare standards for DDR4. Corsair is not yet reported details about the capacity and pricing will be offered. Only, this device will be circulated starting this summer, around September 2012.

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