Israel Hackers Steal 85 Thousand Facebook Account

Posted by Fatkhur Rohman on Friday, January 20, 2012

JERUSALEM - After beberpaa time ago reported, a computer worm has stolen 45 thousand logins from your Facebook account. Now a hacker from Israel, with the name of Hannibal also has stolen 85 thousand Facebook login from users in Arabic.

Reported by ZDNet, Friday (20/01/2012), it seems this is as part of the hackers who are 'at war' in the Middle East. In addition to millions of email accounts, bank accounts and credit cards, but it seems a particularly user information from the world's largest social networking has also been stolen.

Earlier this week, an Israeli hacker, who calls himself online Hanibal, managed to break into e-mail address and password of 85 thousand Facebook account. Does not stop there, Hanibal continue to post such information on the Pastebin which is a simple website that allows anyone to upload a text (usually in the form of code) that can be seen by many people.

Hacker was first posted on Sunday confidential information logged as many as 20 thousand. The next post continues, on Monday as many as 30 thousand logins, Tuesday 10 thousand logins and the last on Wednesday as many as 25 thousand logins, while for Thursday (yesterday) hackers do not post anything.

Not only post confidential information, the first post and hackers also wrote a statement which is about a warning to Iran and Saudi Arabia.

"Besides, I have 10 million bank accounts from Iran and Saudi Arabia. If Iran continues to threaten Israel and this week I've published a bank account, and thus is expected to make them lose billions of dollars

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