Shadow of the moon is hidden

Posted by Fatkhur Rohman on Friday, January 20, 2012

WASHINGTON - The most interesting part of the Moon and so the question is often dark side of the most difficult to see. This section is permanently in shadow, always dark, and never reflect sunlight.

Telescopes and satellites have no way to imagine the area in the shadow of the Moon's permanently when using ordinary lighting. Now, researchers have used the space more tactical methods to see what is hidden there.

Reported by MSNBC, Friday (20/1/2012), dark regions are always located at the poles the Moon, and generally located deep inside the crater could not reach the sun light. The researchers turned to find the possibility of frozen water content in there.

"Rather than use the reflected sun light straight into the crater, we chose an indirect route," said study co-author Kurt Retherford, a senior investigator from the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

To see this region, the researchers used the reflected light from hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen atoms floating in the entire universe is, spreads in all directions, even to reach the region hidden behind the shadow of the Moon. New data shows that they find it has shadowed the Lyman alpha emission is darker than other areas.

"Our best explanation of the difference reflected in the polar moon is because the surface is more crumbly and fluffier. Shaped like a kind of powder or flour," said Retherford.

It could be due to small particles of frozen water droplets moving in and out of the mud, and produces a hole in the grains is thus creating a crumbly texture.

The study indicates the presence of approximately two percent of the water in the mud in shaded areas, whereas in areas exposed to the sun only 0.5 percent.

"You would expect a permanently shadowed region, has many more than we've seen from outside," he said.

"Someday, when astronauts go into this region, we need a sharper senses to feel what they see. Measurements of water that were previously carried out related to the water far below the surface. But we're actually dealing with what appears in the surface, namely the existence of water is more accessible in the future astronauts, "he added.

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