Google Privacy policy Changes Reap Criticism

Posted by Fatkhur Rohman on Friday, February 10, 2012

Google Privacy Policy Changes Reap Criticism. A consumer watchdog group demanding the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to prevent Google from making major changes to its privacy policy, next month.

The planned revision will allow Google Inc. to bundle the personal information collected by internet search engines and other services, like Gmail, YouTube and Plus, so as to gain a better understanding of users and potential to sell more advertising.

Google Privacy Policy Changes Reap Criticism

As reported by the Associated Press, Thursday , Google has described the changes as improvements that could make it easier privacy policy easier to understand, and help provide more useful information for users.

However, Electric Privacy Information Center (EPIC) believes Google's new policy would violate the restrictions in the agreement with the FTC last year. Google is subject to the rules for resolving the complaint because it exposes the user's email contact Buzz service, which is now defunct.

A lawsuit filed Wednesday by EPIC said the agreement gives the FTC the power to stop Google implement its planned changes to privacy. In addition, this complaint is also seeking an order from Washington federal court to block Google's new policy changes are effective from March 1.

European regulators have asked Google to suspend the policy change. Among other things, EPIC Google unveil new privacy guidelines require the approval of its users. The group also accused Google of not fully explain the purpose of the amendment, so that makes it so unfair business practices and deceptive.

However, Google itself says it has tried hard to explain these changes on users, since the announcement of the plan several weeks ago.

"We judge privacy very seriously. We are pleased to engage in conversation to build on our privacy policy changes, but the EPIC reference to the facts and law are wrong," he said.

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