Tips and tricks to Manage and Secure Passwords

Posted by Fatkhur Rohman on Monday, February 13, 2012

Strong passwords are passwords that have a high level of complexity. The problem is, the more complicated the password, the more difficult it is for the mind. Especially if we have a lot of passwords. Creating a password is the same for all types of accounts is action that can be risky. We recommend that each account has its own password. And if it is as much and as complicated as it is, how to remember and manage them?

Tips and tricks to Manage and Secure PasswordsActually, many online password management application that is able to provide strong security and convenience for us in managing the “collection” password. This is actually a closed source, namely the application if we want to get all the functionality of its service, we have to pay. However, application free edition also is very adequate for personal needs. For example, password sharepoint.

Little to share about tips and tricks for various account passwords either email, facebook, twitter etc secure from people who do not work we want (Hacker). Actually a variety of ways which can be done by a person in order to get an account and password from the thing as phishing, keyloger or by using other software.

Tips and tricks can help keep your account and password safe.

* Do not create a password that is so easy to guess (eg: date of birth, qwerty, 12345, etc.), but it’s better to use a password with various characters such as the combination of letters, numbers and special characters.
* Do not give out your password to anyone or write it should be remembered that password. And do not shows your data on the internet for their privacy too much give anyone who may know him, like eg data info on the facebook page.
* Be – careful when opening e-mail and do not click on links or downloading attachments in e-mail address that you own is not clear who the sender because it can only exist inside a fake login link or something (phishing)
* If you online in public places such cafes do not forget to clear own cookies and private data. Or if in doubt if the computer is plugged keyloger try not to play there. Or use deceptive tricks are for example keyloger your password then write 12 345 123 456 789 first and then remove with the delete button. Or use the screen keyboard but it feels like it’s been detected keyloger screen keyboard as well.

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